BIOJACK 300 testissä Brittiläisessä Kolumbiassa

Biojack laajenee Kanadaan

The Biojack 300 tree shear is doing great in wildfire prevention next to Whistler. 

What’s best? The grapple grabs firmly the tree before cutting. No more safety hazard next to buildings and power lines! 

The cut is super quick. The knife requires less maintenance than a chainsaw and happens to be perfect for working in mountain, where the slope and the stones can complicate the cutting process. 

Cutting and Loading with the same grapple is easy: the knife is inside the chassis for the loading job and the Biojack can be used like a normal grapple. Felling, sorting, gathering logs, re-cut logs, grabbing a pile of logs, all that is possible without interruption. 

Only 2 hydraulic hoses are necessary thanks to the sequence system. All is swiftly working and easy to use. Cutting up to 30 cm / 12”. 

Video The full video, staring Rob Bouchard from Interior Undercarriage (

Rob Bouchard with his Biojack 300
Rob with his Biojack 300
Stump after Biojack cut
Stump after Biojack cut, over 300 mm (12”)