Biojack grapples are versatile, because they are modular, and can be modified to match your needs.

We have a large selection of accessories available for our harvesting grapples and energy wood grapples. Additional delimbing grapples (EG kit) and accumulation grapples (E kit) can be factory-fitted or just as well be retrofitted when your needs change. With the boom a tilting grapple may be installed even on an excavator. Learn about our wide selection below!


Rotator adapter for flange

The tree shears are always delivered with the correct adapter, so the rotator fastening is quick and easy. 

Available for mounting on the standard 173 mm flange: FR7 (Ø 49 mm), FR10 (Ø 59 mm), FR15 (Ø 69 mm). 

Rotator adapter 140 mm

The tree shears are always delivered with the correct adapter, so the rotator fastening is quick and easy. 

The adapter’s fastening flange to the rotator is the 140 mm bolt pattern. It’s securely fastened to the grapple’s standard flange.


  • Fastening to the grapple: bolt pattern ⌀173 mm / 6 bolts
  • Fastening to the rotator: bolt pattern 140 x 140 mm / 4 bolts
  • Width 180 mm
  • Total height 95 mm
  • Optional: Central sleeve for hydraulic hoses ⌀70 mm
TD Turning Device

For urban felling particularly, as well as for electric power line cleaning or any other sensitive work, the Turning Device is the solution. It consists of a IMO slew drive and its swivel joint for hydraulic hoses and electric wires to rotate at 360°. Grabbing horizontal branches and dismantling a tree from the top to the stump is made easy and safe. 

For excavators and telehandlers. 

The TD requires 2 hydraulic lines to function, pressure and return. 

Wireless control

No electric wire, easy 360° rotation! Radio control from the cabin. 

The wireless control is a standard feature of the E-kit suited for forwarders as well as on the forwarder version of the Biojack 400S grapple. As an option it is available for the E-kit suited for excavators and for the excavator version of the Biojack 400S grapple.



The EG-kit, i.e. the top grapples make it possible to hold even a larger trunk vertical, and to lower it safely onto the ground, e.g. in close proximity to buildings or power lines. The EG-kit can also be retrofitted



The accumulation grapples (E-kit) can be used to gather several stems at a time, without having to load them, or move them onto a stack in between. Accumulation grapples can also be retrofitted.

It works with an electric wire or wireless control for the limitless rotation. 

Normal grapples

The grapple pair designed for round wood handling. 



It’s the standard grapple shape on Biojack 110, 160, 400S and 450. 

As an option, it can replace the delimbing grapple on Biojack 180, 230, 400 Combi. 

CPR Rotator

Fast and limitless rotation device.

Suitable for tree shears and saw grapples, the CPR9 and CPR15 from Baltrotors enable the grapple rotation on excavators. The BA90 (Back Attachment 90°) on the grapple’s rear and the flat box are designed to be fitted with these rotators. 

Particularly useful in forestry, for manipulating, sorting and loading woods. A CPR rotator mounted on a Biojack requires only 2 hydraulic hoses more. 

Weight for complete kit with hose adapter and mounting ring:

  • CPR9: 125 kg
  • CPR15: 200 kg
Coupling Box 45°

Lightweight and compact box for coupling to excavators.

Easy coupling with bolts to the grapple rear plate BA90, or to a CPR rotator. The perforation onto the box enables the quick coupling plate fastening. 


  • Height 470 mm
  • Length 550 mm
  • Width 450 mm
  • Weight 100 kg
  • Coupling angle 45°

Suitable for the Biojack models 180, 230, 300, 400S & Combi, 450. 

Brushwood grapples

The 4-fingered grapple for handling branches, stems, energy wood. The finger shape makes it easier to go through a pile of brushwoods and grab a maximal load of materials at once. 

It’s an option on Biojack 180, 230, 300, and 400 Combi. 

Delimbing grapples

This grapple is fitted with blades, which can be used for removing branches and producing clean limbed logs.

Its loading properties are excellent and versatile. The build is extra strong to sustain an intensive use. 


Grab the standing tree, and slide it from the top to the stump, before the cut. Easy and quick. 

See how the delimber works in video

The delimbing grapples are a feature on professional tree shears. It’s a standard on Biojack 180, 230, 300, 400 Combi. 

Rotator adapter for shaft

The tree shears are always delivered with the correct adapter, so the rotator fastening is quick and safe. 

Available adapters for mounting on sleeve for shaft-rotators: FR7 (Ø 49 mm), FR10 (Ø 59 mm), FR15 (Ø 69 mm).