A wide selection of durable and versatile Biojack Tree Shears

The Biojack tree shears are truly multifunctional. They combine user-friendliness and versatility with robust and high-quality materials. You can start working quickly and easily, without much hassle, by just connecting the pressure and return hoses. All grapples feature a movable blade, which for loading operations can be easily stowed away inside the frame, making sure that trunks are not cut again while being loaded.

The best properties of all Biojack products become evident in the process of harvesting, delimbing, and loading of timber. The work cycle of the grapple is simple: The grapple grabs a tree, the blade cuts it, and the tilting unit tilts the trunk into the loading position. Each of the work operations is performed smoothly. Due to its properties the same device can also be used as a loading grapple. No special installation is needed to use the feature. The Biojack unit may be locked into the loading position, securely disabling both the blade and the tilt.

Biojack tree shears are also available with accumulative E grapple kit, and with EG grapple kit for pruning logs. All products can be tailored to match your needs.

  • Easy to install
  • Agile even in the most demanding conditions
  • Controlled movements, and a clear work cycle
  • Swift cutting
  • Neat work result, trunks are cut right at the ground level; this produces low stumps and leaves no sharp spikes on the ground
  • Cutting of felled timber (e.g. for firewood)
  • Flexibly usable as a loading grapple, no special installation required
  •  Robust and durable structure


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