A wide selection of durable and versatile Biojack products

Biojack products combine user-friendliness and versatility with robust and high-quality materials. Biojack product are developed in cooperation with users, and are therefore extremely versatile. You can start working quickly and easily, only the pressure and return hoses are needed to connect.

A single grapple has multitude of features, and you can always update them to match your particular needs.

harvesteripäät, hakkuupäät, energiakourat
Combi Grapples
Felling heads with saw and knife cutting functions
Energy Wood Grapples
A wide selection of durable and versatile Biojack Tree Shears
Harvesting Heads
Biojack’s harvesting heads are light and efficient tools intended for thinning
Extension Booms
Lightweight solution for converting an excavator to forestry
Saw Grapples
A heavy-duty felling grapple with saw

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