Combi Grapples

Felling heads with saw and knife cutting functions

Combi-grapples represent a unique solution, which makes a grapple even more adaptable.

The saw is used to cut larger trees, while the knife cutting serves to efficiently cut smaller trees and brushwood. Therefore, the trunk can be cut flexibly by using either the knife or the chainsaw, while the loading features can be used to handle trunks without making major modifications.

It is also possible to thin standing trees, using the delimbing grapples fitted as standard. In order to facilitate handling large trunks and to further improve robustness, we have developed the EG kit, where delimbing grapples also function as normal grapples. This way bringing a standing tree all the way to the ground, e.g. near overhead power lines, is controlled and safe.

A combi-grapple is an excellent tool for primary thinning, felling of trees in problem areas, clearing away windthrow, and for harvesting energy timber.


For loaders

Kaatokoura 400 Combi nostureihin
Felling Grapple Biojack 400 Combi for Cranes
Felling grapple with a chainsaw and a knife for cranes

For excavators

Felling Grapple Biojack 400 Combi for Excavators
Felling grapple with a chainsaw and a knife for excavator applications

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