Biojack 300 Harvester

Small harvesting head for light machines

The harvesting head Biojack 300H has a light and tough struture, designed for demanding use and durability, for harvesting of young stands and the production of delimbed logs with Cut-to-Length, on a small excavator or tractor crane.


It is equipped with a saw unit, feed rollers and three delimbing blades. The length measurement is included as standard on the PRO version, with the Logger® control system, and the volume calculation is optional. The saw chain lubrication is automated and works with its dedicated chain oil tank.

Professionals will appreciate the SuperCut 100 saw unit with automatic chain tension.

  • Delimbing with 3 blades (1 fix & 2 moving blades)
  • Delimbing and feeding with 2 feed rollers
  • Chainsaw cutting (SuperCut 100) with automatic chain saw tensioner
  • Length measurement as standard
  • Optional volume data control and diameter measurement
  • Display controller Logger®, module and set of manual commands in the cabin
  • 3 hydraulic lines (pressure, return, leakage oil), 1 electric cable CAN bus (15 m, supplied)
  • Base machine: tractor, excavator (max. 9 t)

Technical data

Weight300 kg (660 lbs)
Optimal tree diameterØ 60-220 mm (2.3-9″)
Cut diameter, max.Ø 300 mm (12″)
Feed diameter, min.Ø 40 mm (1.6″)
Feed diameter, max.Ø 300 mm (12″)
Clean delimbing, diameter, max.Ø 260 mm (10″)
Feed speed, max.3,2 m/sec (10’/sec)
Saw unitBiojack 5 cc, Biojack 10 cc, or SuperCut 100
Saw bar48 cm, .404″
Chain tensionerautomatic with SC100
Chain lubricationchain oil
Oil flow (saw motor 5 cc, Scandinavia)60-70 L/min (16-19 gpm)
Oil flow (saw motor 10 cc, SC100)80-100 L/min (21-26 gpm)
Operating pressure range (total pressure – back pressure)190-220 bar (2760-3190 psi)
Back pressure, max.20-30 bar (290-435 psi)
Pressure line, min.19 mm, 3/4”
Return line, min.19 mm, 3/4”
Drain line (from saw motor directly to the tank)9 mm, 3/8”
Control systemLogger® (Technion), incl. Length measure, manual commands
OptionsSaw unit
Volume measure
Rotator adapter

Available with the following features and accessories

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