Saw Grapples

A heavy-duty felling grapple with saw

The Biojack grapple with a saw option has excellent loading properties. The excellent shape of the frame, the powerful loading grapples and unlimited rotating properties facilitate work. Therefore, the trunk can be cut flexibly with the chainsaw, while the loading features can be used to handle trunks without making major modifications. You only need to connect the pressure and return hoses.

A grapple with a cutting saw is particularly well suited for primary thinning, felling of trees in problem areas, clearing away windthrow, and for harvesting energy timber.


For loaders

Sahakoura - Biojack 400s Tilt
Felling Grapple Biojack 400S for Cranes
Saw grapple

For excavators

Sahajkoura 400S kaivureihin
Felling Grapple Biojack 400S for Excavators
Saw grapple

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