Light and efficient tree shear for small excavators (max 2 t)

Ø 10-12 cm

2-in-1: Cutting and loading

The Biojack 110 energy wood grapple has powerful cutting capacity for a device of its size. It is perfectly suited for harvesting low-grade timber and energy wood, and is a nifty tool, for instance, for clearing fields and roadsides.
Due to the moving blade, this farmers’ favourite can be used easily for both felling and loading, without any special measures. There is no need to remove the blade for loading; in the loading position it is securely stowed away inside the frame. Installation is easy and swift; no additional hydraulics is required, other than a pressure and a return hose. The technical features of this Biojack grapple ensure that stumps are cut low and that the cutting result is smooth.

  • 2-in-1: cutting and loading
  • for harvesting low-grade timber and clearing of fields and roadsides
  • impressive cutting capacity for a device of its size
  • moving blade
  • no additional hydraulics is required, other than a pressure and a return hose
  • cutting at the ground level > low stump
  • flexible work cycle
  • available with the following excavator couplings: S40, S45, S50, S60, S70, S80 and NTP10
  • base machine: small excavators

Technical data

Weight (without a coupling)
70 kg (155 lbs)
Cutting diameter max. (Nordic timber species)
100-120 mm (4"-5")
Grapple opening
580 mm (23")
Total height in the felling position
330 mm (13")
Oil flow
10-20 L/min (2,6-5,3 gpm)
Operating pressure range (total pressure – back pressure)
180 bar
Back pressure, max.
20-30 bar
Pressure and return lines min.

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Available with the following features and accessories

S Series coupling

Quick coupling S-series

The common coupling used on our models are  S40, S45, S50, and S60. Also available with other couplings on the market.

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NTP10 coupling

Quick coupling NT10 / B20

NTP10 (B20) coupling is available for our grapples.

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Normal grapples

Biojack normal grapples, round wood grapples

The grapple pair designed for round wood handling. 



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