Robust tree shear for professional applications

Ø 35-45 cm

2-in-1: Cutting and loading


A Biojack 450 tree shear is an excellent device for first thinning, tree felling in complicated areas, windthrow handling, and harvesting energy wood. In municipal applications the grapple can be used, for instance, for clearing roadsides and parks, next to buildings and powerlines.

Due to the movable blade, felling and loading can both be performed without any special modifications. There is no need to remove the blade for loading; in the loading position it is securely stowed away inside the frame. Installation is easy and swift; no additional hydraulics is required, other than a pressure and a return hose. The technical features of this Biojack felling grapple ensure that stumps are cut low and that the cutting result is neat. The grapple closes firmly around the tree before the cut, for maximal safety in urban felling.

The Biojack 450 energy wood grapple features tough log grabs. 

The optional secondary upper grapple (EG-kit) is fitted with delimbing blades for removing branches on trees before the cut. The EG-kit also enables full tree vertical moving for bigger diameters, before felling. 

The accumulation grapple (E-kit), for collecting several stems before loading, is an option to optimize and speed up the energy wood harvesting.

Biojack 450: 2-in-1 Cut and Load
Biojack 450EG: 3-in-1 Delimb, Cut, Load
Biojack 450EEG: 4-in-1 Delimb, Cut, Accumulate, Load

  • For first thinning, tree felling in complicated areas, clearing away windthrows, energy wood harvesting, clearing of roadsides and parks.

  • Moving blade: efficient and fast cut, wood loading enabled for optimized work.

  • Delimbing enabled with the EG-kit (option) by moving the grapple along the trunk.

  • Easy hydraulic: Only 1 pressure and 1 return hose.

  • Flexible work cycle: Switch from cutting to loading, and from loading to cutting without interruption.

  • Available with accumulating grapples (E-kit).

  • Available quick couplings for example S40, S45, S50, S60 and NTP10 and many other quick couplers. Ask more.

  • Available with rotator (TD-rotator and CPR15).

  • Base machines: excavators (10-20 t), telescopic handlers.


Technical data

Weight Biojack 450 (without coupling)
550 kg
Weight Biojack 450EG (without a coupling)
710 kg
Cutting diameter max. (hardwood-softwood)
350-450 mm
Grapple opening
840 mm
Height in felling position Biojack 450
685 mm
Height in the felling position Biojack 450EG
1350 mm
Oil flow
100–150 L/min
Operating pressure range (total pressure — back pressure)
250–300 bar
Back pressure, max.
30 bar
Pressure and return lines

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Available with the following features and accessories


E-kit, keräävä koura, accumulating grapple, stem collector, samlande gripar, Sammelgreifer, grappin accumulateur

The accumulation grapples (E-kit) can be used to gather several stems at a time, without having to load them, or move them onto a stack in between.

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Wireless control

Biojack Wireless control

No electric wire, easy 360° rotation! Radio control from the cabin. 

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EG-kit, Extra Grapple, Upper delimbing grapple, yläkoura

The EG-kit, i.e. the top grapples make it possible to hold even a larger trunk vertical, and to lower it safely onto the ground, e.g.

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Normal grapples

Biojack normal grapples, round wood grapples

The grapple pair designed for round wood handling. 



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TD Turning Device

TD slew drive

For urban felling particularly, as well as for electric power line cleaning or any other sensitive work, the Turning Device is the solution.

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CPR Rotator

CPR rotator Baltrotors

Fast and limitless rotation device.

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Coupling Box 45°

Mustaboksi 45° BA90, coupling box, flatbox, box de couplage, Kupplungsbox, Kopplingsbox

Lightweight and compact box for coupling to excavators.

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